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I was in jail for 1 half to 3 years for having an unregistered gun in 2002. I came home the end of 2004 on parole. Then in 2005 I went back selling dogs and taking care of my business that my great-grandfather and my father gave me. A lying man named Marc R Jurnove from ISPEAK Inc. came to my business and claimed he wanted to buy a dog. He stated that he found us on our website. The man had a hidden video and microphone on him taping me and my business. The man asked, "Can you train a dog to fight?" I said, "I don't indulge in that." It is on the video tape. This is what I told "Lying Marc R Jurnove" from ISPEAK Inc., "Our dogs are bred to hunt wild game, weight pulling and personal protection." Then the man asked me if I can train the dogs to fight hogs. I said, "I don't indulge in that."
I said, "I can train a dog to hog catch."
Then the man gave me $500 down to buy a dog. I told him I required his ID. He said it is outside in the car. When I went outside the police were there. It was entrapment by an alleged animal rights activist who was over zealousand willing to lie to set up innocent people to make a name for himself in the animal rights movement. It cost me valuable time in a jail that I should not have been in. I went to jail as a direct result of injustice and perjured testimony against me. We have the real the court paperwork. If you don't believe me. Why should I lie. Any post to my site to the contrary is further attempts by those who were involved to hinder my business. 

I was informed that people from a dog chat room contacted  this lying animal rights person from ISPEAK Inc. You would think that a chat room is an online medium for simple conversation and freedom of speech not an environment for malice and ill acts against its' participants.  I know to much about the nature of the case that was placed against me to allow myself to continue to be misjudged, slandered and made to look unfit for my business. The truth will come out. How can you engage in training dogs to fight wild pigs in NYC and Freeport? They are calling dog sherherding as hog catching as dog fighting. my human rights, my civil rights and my constitutional rights were and still are being violated because of a lie. My lawyer regrettably did not represent well nor with good intentions to secure my rights.

I want to encourage all not to judge people that are working to better themselves. When you see someone trying to do the right thing. When you see someone trying to be a productive citizen of our American society. Racism is not the way.  Judging another is not the way. Instead of a eye for an eye. Look into someone else's eye and say, "I understand, though life is hard, you can make it!" 

The KKK American court system is Racist system to Blacks and Hispanic people. They will rail road you to lying case and set you up for it.  





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